Why do people want to be happy?

Why do people want to be happy?

Man can be briefly explained as “being human”. Humanity is the state of being happy and full of joy within the self. It is simply to be experienced. Today, when we read “HAPPY”, Happiness is a state of emotional well-being and is a proof that the person is emotionally stable and is kind and comfortable.

Today in this rising time, where every human existence is going like a machine with no happiness and joy on his expression. It is due to the understanding that no one has identified and structured themselves.

Everyone wants money in this globalized era and the fast-growing techno-savvy world. It is a common belief system that money brings happiness and public security in life and relationships. Simply, that’s entirely a fake fact of life.

If we take a simple logic that if money was to convey happiness and serenity in human life, the world would be dandy and there would be no matter of sadness and sorrow in this universe. But, nevertheless there are traces of grief and sadness and human beings are not happy as they should be.

Money can buy physical things and can constitute a human being feel comfortable physically, but it has no relations with the emotional well-being.

Emotional happiness is a deep concept and if understood a person would not depend on extrinsic factors for happiness. In today’s times where everyone is busy in making money by preserving their emotional status very poor, a normal human organism is not glad.

The primary reason why a person needs to be happy is that the person’s efficiency and effectively increases if that individual is emotionally stable and happy. Human beings can’t be happy only due to a common belief system that people and situations will be the direction the soul desires. Only, the actual fact is that no person can be another person’s style.

Felicity can be effectively inculcated only when you know yourself and is able to connect with yourself.

Facts About Happiness:

Felicity is a choice and can’t be followed out by military unit. It is wholly dependent on the person. It is his or her independent choice to stay happy or not.

With growing years, happiness increases double the style. It is scientifically established that happiness comes with the years. It is due to the fact that as a person grows with the age the responsibilities decreases and have time to look into his or her self. By doing this, he or she becomes mentally and emotionally stable and happiness catches that person’s hand.

It increases the physical wellness and the immune system. Equally a person will well emotionally, the indirect first and foremost positive effect will be on his or her physical wellness. No disease can meet him or her and indirectly will increase the life expectancy rate for that individual.

Felicity is not hooked on physical materials, but it is entirely dependent on the person’s thoughts and how he or she feels about a particular place or individual.


Why is happiness so elusive?

Mankind can be fixed by the happiness index of a mortal.

Happiness and humanity can directly proportional to each other. This is possible when a person is happy, with that state the person will automatically cultivate goodness, kindness, and humanity but when he or she is unhappy or emotionally not well, that individual would be incompetent to create humanity oriented thoughts due to which actions will evilly be oriented.

Fair and well-defined studies show that everything and every action that a normal human being performs is to be happy and at joyful state. This is as well one of the primary reasons why happiness is relevant and is the need of the hour.

It is not necessary that money can buy happiness, but there is likewise no question about it that if you are emotionally happy then money making will be double. It is due to the understanding that the individual is in a state wherein the efficiency, creativity, decision and thinking power increases and is free from all the troubles and insecurities.

Felicity is a commonwealth of human well-being which, if created by one then it can shine into the whole atmosphere through which another person can overhear the same state of intellect and the atmosphere becomes positive and clear.

Happiness is to be found within yourself and not outside.


The only way to be successful in life is to be stable and happy all the time, whether a person or state of affairs is bad or serious. It is really important for a human mankind that the emotional state of well-being should not produce affected by extrinsic factors because it is independent of it.

Finally, it can conclude that happiness brings humanity and that individual is called a complete human being.

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