Plogging: A New Eco-friendly Approach to Fitness

Are you a fitness-savvy person? Do you want to burn your extra calories in an eco-friendly way?



Think how amazing it would be if you could help the environment while you jog! Are you tired of daily jogging along the same track? Then get out of your jogging world. Step into the realm of the new and trendy way to stay fit and active.



Take a slight shift from the world of regular trends. Sweden has a new trendy movement for the fitness aspirants — Plogging!


What is Plogging?


  • It is an activity in Sweden where the ploggers pick up the litter while they jog.
  • Plogging is a Swedish concept to stay fit.
  • It marks its initiation as an organized activity by the Swedish community.
  • In 2018, it starts dilating beyond the frontiers of Sweden.
  • As per the survey, its global awareness goes hand-in-hand with the rising concerns of plastic pollution.
  • In addition to the running activity, the ploggers accomplish bending, squatting and stretching exercises too.


Survey of the Fitness Application:


According to Lifesum, a fitness application, this exercise has a competitive edge over jogging. Lifesum’s study data reveals that the regular plogging activity is potent enough to burn about two hundred and eighty-eight calories on an average.


Plogging came to birth to eliminate the litter from public places. It was explicitly meant to divert the garbage dumping from the world’s ocean to their proper disposal sites. Since 2016, it has been witnessing a massive rise in its followers. One can say that the trash-bag totting runners are now plogging over distances to pick up the litter from lying here and there with a strong message of a locality clean-up drive.


Globalization of the Plogging Concept:


Since its evolution, plogging has been experiencing global exponential growth. The joggers and the environmentalists in the United States are embracing and celebrating it with open arms. To pay a tribute of honor to this eco-friendly fitness regime, the environmental advocacy non-profit in Nebraska will be dedicating the entire month of June for the awareness of Plogging as an environment-friendly activity.


It is calling the dire attention of millions of health-conscious and environment-loving people to contribute towards a clean and green environment. So what are you waiting for? Wear your tracksuit, grab hold of your trash bag and march your way to the streets. Pick up the litters from the road and dump it into your trash bag. Play the role of eco-warrior. Protect your motherland from the harmful effects of the litter pollutions.

Update: 11th of February 2019
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