Lindsay Maloney: An Interview

Lindsay Maloney is an entrepreneur who juggles the raising of three beautiful children and a successful online business. We sat down with her to find out how she maintains her family life and her business, all the while being a beacon of positivity!


Thanks so much for speaking to us here at Olav, can you introduce yourself for any of our readers who don’t know you?


Thank you so much for having me! My name is Lindsay Maloney I am a happy wife and mom of three and my passion is helping women start and scale their online coaching businesses with simplicity.


You really are a great consultant for coaching and blogger, when and how did you start?

Thank you! I actually started my first online business as a health coach about 7 years ago. I had no idea what I was doing! I thought I could figure out everything myself and didn’t believe in asking for help. I definitely learned the hard way! When I finally came to my senses and started investing in myself (and stopped trying to find out everything for free) it all started to get real clear for me. I figured out what my real passion was, who I’m meant to serve, and how I’m meant to serve them.


How do you find the perfect balance between your private and work life?

I’m all about setting my hours and doing my best to stick to them. This is one of the first things I tell my clients to do before they start to get overwhelmed with all the things! I used to work at my computer every waking moment and I found that I was just really good at doing busy work and not really getting anything accomplished. I mean, how many tabs can you really have open on your computer? It can be a challenge sometimes, but it’s really important to stay open and flexible with your time. After all, you’re the boss!

How do you relax after a long day working?

As a mom of 3, this can be a challenge! I don’t take my kids to daycare nor do I have a sitter who comes to help me during the day. I’ve always been a morning person, so that’s where I get recharged. Before the kids are up, I really need my quiet time. And coffee of course. I also love to read and journal every night. This keeps me in balance and allows me to reflect on my day.


Do you have any key advice on mothers starting getting back to work?


First off, you’re amazing! Balancing motherhood and work life doesn’t have to be a challenge. Just be open to what your day is about to bring you, stay positive, approach everything with a smile (I know it can be hard some days), and remember the challenging ones won’t last forever! Those little bumpy moments only make you stronger.


What’s your inspiration?


My kids. They’re the reason I wake up in the morning and want to better myself each day. I want to show them that it’s totally possible to be anything they want, the doors are wide open! We are so blessed to be alive right now. That’s such an important attitude to have.


What is the best advice you’ve been given?


Be intentional with your thoughts and actions as they create your reality.


Do you like to cook?


I wish I was a better cook (and I think my family would wish that too! haha) On Sundays, my favorite thing to make is pumpkin pancakes. They are absolutely delicious and everyone loves them! So, it’s a huge win! Here is the recipe that I use from Diane Sanfillip


Do you engage in social projects or anything that tries to make the planet a better place?


In this season of life, my focus is on my little ones. The most important contribution we can make to this world is teaching our children how to love and respect one another. <3



Thank you so much for speaking to us here at, we wish you all the best in the future!

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