Cold Brew Coffee – Coffee Making Without Heat

You probably say that you ‘cook’ coffee while making one. It is logical though as the water heats up in each case — whether you use a coffee press, a mocha mug made of aluminum from Bialetti, or a fully automatic machine. Now here comes the big surprise: you can make great coffee without heating water i-e cold brew coffee. Sounds funny, but it is true. Turning off gas and electricity is not the only profit, but it also helps if there is a sweltering heat outside that let you drop dead at the thought of anything hot. It’s popularly called Cold Brew Coffee.


“Cold coffee” was originally an expression for everything dumb and boring. That is however not the Cold Brew at all, and since 2015 it has become rightfully a summer trend. It has three big advantages:


  • Cold Brew Coffee is stomach friendly. As there is no heat in the game, lesser bitter taste is removed from the coffee. So, the coffee is much smoother and sweeter, which is good news if you have a sensitive stomach.


  • Cold Brew Coffee contains more caffeine. Caffeine dissolves easier and faster if you use hot water. In the cold-brew process, however, proportionally more coffee powder is used by which coffee has more rums when caffeine is concerned.


  • Cold Brew Coffee is foolproof. French Press is already very easy to use and nothing can go wrong during the process. As you do not boil water, you cannot burn anything or deal with high-temperature water.


Unfortunately, Cold Brew is quite expensive when bought abroad. However, there is another option: do it yourself. We’ll show you how it’s made.


What you need:


The first ingredient is coffee for sure. It is important that you do not get too finely ground coffee, as it will not give you a delicious result. Ask for coarsely ground coffee beans when buying one from the store.


Another option is to buy beans and grind them yourself as roughly as possible, preferably even coarser than the one you use for the French Press.


French Press is definitely ideal for this method. (If only two conditions are met, it’s fine.)


  1. The coffee and water have to go in somewhere. It does not matter whether it is an old pickle jar or a Tupperware box because the pot does not need to be heat resistant.

2. The coffee has to be filtered somehow. You can do it with a hand filter, or a sieve covered with a filter bag.                       Paper towels or anything similar would also work.


Then, of course, you need cold water, whether filtered or not, depending on where you live.


One thing that you definitely need is the time. That is the only disadvantage of this method because Cold Brew coffee cannot be done spontaneously or in a few minutes.


How it is made


As mentioned before, you need comparatively more coffee for this method. For one liter of coffee, you should count on around 63g, or 12 tablespoons. This information applies only to coffee beans.


  1. Put the ground coffee and water in a mug you like. Stir them well and make sure that the coffee is covered with water.
  2. Let the coffee sit at room temperature for at least 8 hours, but 12 hours will be better. Anyone who wants more rum can wait even longer.
  3. Filter the coffee mixture or press the ram down (in case you have a French Press) and pour it into a mug, pot, jar or whatever you like.


That is basically it. Now, you have your own homemade Cold Brew. Good news is that it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Plus you create your own cold brew recipe by just adding either milk, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and more!




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